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vreemde reactie door Alparex

Started by nico1012, May 02, 2021, 16:54:18 PM

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Goedemiddag allemaal,

las op een engels forum een heel bizar verhaal.

Hi All
All koi and Sturgeon were fine, feeding well heated to 13.5 deg but one of my Koi looked like it may have Trich so having two large Sturgeon I treated with Alparex. 5 days later I have NO FISH. Some of these fish I have had for 10 years....!
Pool Details
Filtration Profidrum, 2 x Ultrabeads, BHM Shower, 2 x Spin drifter bottom drains, Amalgam UV, 3 x Blue Eco 320 all about six months old after total refit.
Stocking levels very low 8 fish
Water tested with Palintest
Before buffering KH
PH 7.7
Ammonia 0
KH 4.2
Nitrite 0.042
After buffering KH Pre treatment
PH 7.95
KH 7.5
Ammonia 0
After first treatment fish were still feeding but as the pool is 8ft deep and the water turner very very green it was not possible to see the fish to check. I also have a polycarbonate cover. My wife checked on the fish when i was working away for three days, on my return i did an inspection at night with a torch i noticed four dead fish and 4 very ill ones. I started immediate water changes via Hilux water filter but lost another three fish
Water quality during /after deaths PH 7.9 KH 5.8 Ammonia 0.04 Nitrite 0.196
The water is always like glass no foam but as you can see from photos its like sludge on top.

The only thing i can think is that the polcarb top and shower cover is 99.9 sealed, has this stopped something gassing off???? The two spin drifters always run at 100%
It's to late but some input would be good

staan nog wat foto's bij en vraag mij af of jullie een idee hebben wat hier gebeurt is.
Op basis van wat ik gelezen heb en het systeem wat de mensen hebben denk ik dat ze best wel weten wat ze aan het doen zijn.
Meer informatie kan je vinden in de link hieronder.

Ben erg benieuwd


Wellicht het voeren tijdens de behandeling voor problemen gezorgd